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OutdoorMaster Diamond Snow Helmet Review – Skiing & Snowboarding Helmet Testing


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A helmet is a crucial piece of equipment for any skier or snowboarder. No matter the terrain or ability level of the rider, it is always recommended to be wearing a helmet, and particularly a Mips system helmet, or a helmet that meets safety standards. In this article, we do an in depth review of OutdoorMaster’s Diamond Snow Helmet.

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Our Testing

We brought this helmet on Colorado 14ers, Colorado 13ers, backcountry ski trips, and to the ski resort. This testing allowed us to experience the helmet in sunny environment, after sunset, in high winds, in heat, while sitting still, and while sweating like crazy. Oh, and we also took plenty of falls while wearing this helmet, fortunately, none with any serious damage. In other words, we put this helmet to the complete test.

A little background on our testing: We are trail runners, hikers, skiers, bikers, and we take our nutrition, our safety, and athletic performance very seriously. Therefore, we make sure we test all the gear we recommend thoroughly.


Where To Purchase

You can purchase OutdoorMaster products on their site: OutdoorMaster

Or on Amazon


About OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster was founded by an ex IT engineer / tech geek that also happened to be an avid outdoorsman with a passion for skiing. His passion for the outdoors led him to gear frustrations, which led to the creation of products in the snow sport space.

OutdoorMaster has expanded to creating gear for all types of adventurers that is affordable, durable, yet maintains quality of gear at much higher price points. You can read more about OutdoorMaster here.



About The Helmet

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles on a sunny backcountry skiing day

This helmet is extremely lightweight, sleek looking, comfortable, comes with Mips safety technology, a ventilation switch, an adjustable dial, and a whole bunch of other interesting features we will point out below.


Helmet Size Chart

Small 20.07-21.25 inches (51 – 54cm)
Medium 21.65-22.83 inches (55 – 58cm)
Large 23.22-24.01 inches (59 – 61cm)


Helmet Features


Mips Safety System

The helmet’s MIPS layer, which is integrated into the construction, is designed to prevent rotational force from spreading throughout the head. It has a 10-15 mm multi directional impact displacement capability on certain slanted impacts, intended to minimize rotation of the head and provide maximum safety.


Ventilation System

The MIPS snow helmet has 100% more vents than a typical snow helmet, including four channels that may be easily altered by a toggle switch even while wearing gloves. The adjustable ventilation system allows extra warm air and moisture to flow freely, making your skiing or snowboarding experience more pleasant than ever before.


Lightweight Materials

For a lightweight one-piece design, the in-mold technique is used to combine reinforced PC shell and shock absorbing EPS foam.


Adjustable Dial

The adjustable dial allows for 3 cm of adjustment allowing the helmet to fit tons of different head sizes comfortably, or to adjust to hats underneath easily.


Goggle String

The elastic strap secures your goggles to your helmet. Even with gloves on, you may effortlessly adjust the fixture thanks to the leather clasp at the end.


Audio Compatible Earpads

The earmuffs are designed to be removed and washed, which makes them ideal for use with the OutdoorMaster headphone or any other audio device on the market. It is also simple to clean the removable earmuffs and inner fleece liner. They also provide great warmth for the cold and windy days.


Goggle Compatibility

The helmet is made to match the curvature of the goggle frames on all OutdoorMaster goggles. The seamless junction between the helmet and ski goggles ensures that they deliver their maximum performance.


Airflow Channel

The channel in the front portion of the helmet is compatible with the majority of goggles on the market. The outlets of the channel align with your goggles, keeping them clean and fog-free by allowing heat air to escape through the channel within the internal EPS and fleece lining.



OutdoorMaster offers free shipping with estimated delivery times listed below:

Country / Region Shipping Time
USA 3 – 7 Days
Canada 8 – 15 Days
UK 5 – 8 Days
Germany 6 – 9 Days
France 6 – 9 Days
Other Countries 7 – 15 Days


Returns & Warranty

Customers can return the purchased products within 30 days after receiving the product as long as it is undamaged, and in the same condition it was received. You can read more about the policy here.



Our Review



On the summit prepared to ski down in Colorado

On the summit prepared to ski down in Colorado

These helmet is extremely comfortable. The adjustable toggle for size allows it to fit extremely well towards your head, and you can even adjust if you have beanie on vs a neck gaiter, or just your bear head. The fleece lining, chin strap, and ear pieces are all extremely comfortable and designed well. We really haven’t had a helmet that is more comfortable than this. The ventilation system also allows for great cooling on hot days, and that ventilation can be closed in cold temps or high winds. This level of temperature control is tough to come by in helmets period, let alone at this price range.



When the product arrived, we didn’t think their could possibly be a helmet in it because it was so light. If you are someone that cares about weight, this is one of the lightest weight options you’ll find on the market.



Simply put, this is a great looking helmet. It also comes with various color options to suit your style, so it will be easy to find a helmet that you like.



We are really happy to have a Mips helmet as this is just about the gold standard for helmet safety. See a little bit more about Mips:


Price & Value

This helmet is a fantastic value. You certainly can find cheaper helmets, but you are not going to find a cheaper helmet with this level of safety (Mips), plus great ventilation, plus lightweight construction. For that, this is an extremely great value. Any skier or snowboarder should take safety seriously, and having a Mips helmet is extremely important, and is worth the extra investment.


Recommendation And Overall Thoughts:

Overall, we highly recommend this helmet. This helmet sits in a mid level price range, but provides top level function and features.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Super comfortable
  • Great ventilation
  • Mips safety system



Additional Photos


Getting ready to ski down for sunset with the clear OutdoorMaster Ultra XL lenses

Getting ready to ski down for sunset.

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles on a sunny backcountry skiing day

OutdoorMaster Ultra XL Goggles and the Diamond Snow helmet on a sunny backcountry skiing day

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