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Prinsu Roof Racks + Fly Fishing: A Match Made in Heaven


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Fly fishing is more than just a habit; for some, it’s a passion. As an activity, fly fishing gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoors, spend quality time with friends and family, and even allows you to challenge yourself.

If you’re traveling long distances, especially with others, you may run into the issue of not having enough space to keep your fly rods and other gear safe and sound while on the road. Not to mention, as we all know, the first stop of the day never seems to be the last stop and you generally find yourself getting in your vehicle packing up and looking for the next best spot. Sure, you can put your fly rod and waders into a safe spot next to your cooler, tent, and other outdoor gear, but this leaves them at risk of damage.

Luckily, your truck or SUV likely has the potential to accommodate a roof rack system. These racks offer you a convenient solution to safely secure your fly rods, rafts, and more out of the way, no matter the distance. Not only can you secure a fly rod holder, but you can also mount other gear and accessories and even a Flycraft boat. There are many roof racks out there, but my favorite is the Prinsu roof rack.


What Makes Prinsu Great

Prinsu is one of the leading brands in the industry for roof racks and roof rack accessories, and I’m not just saying that. These rack systems are built to last, making them one of the most durable and customizable racks on the market.

Prinsu also has the most expansive lineup of roof racks for vehicles ranging from the Toyota Tacoma to the Mercedes Sprinter Van. Chances are, Prinsu has an option for your vehicle.

Each Prinsu rack system has its own unique features and abilities, ensuring that the truck or SUV it’s intended for becomes elevated in more ways than one.


Low Profile Design

Prinsu prides itself on being top-of-the-line when it comes to a low-profile rack system. What’s the benefit of having a low-profile rack? Well, it depends on who’s asking. For some, having a low-profile rack means the equipment doesn’t take away from the truck or SUV’s aesthetic. Car manufacturers know how to design and construct an attractive car, and sometimes, adding too bulky of a rack system changes its overall look. If aesthetics is a leading factor as to why you love your vehicle, rest assured that any Prinsu rack you choose will only complement that already sleek and rugged look.

Another excellent reason for opting for a lower-profile roof rack is that it gives you more clearance and space to store your gear. Even having a rack just a few inches lower gives you more leeway towards harnessing kayaks or rooftop tents and potentially makes it easier for you to access as well.

A lower profile can also help with fuel economy, and clearance for garages and other spaces.

Prinsu Rack with a Fly Rod Holder

Prinsu Rack with a Fly Rod Holder



One of Prinsu’s strong points is their dedication to customization and convenience. For example, did you know that you can install a fly rod holder directly onto your roof rack? All it takes is a few minutes for installation, and you’re set to store your fly rods overhead. Installing a fishing raft can also easily be accomplished with a Prinsu rack. Prinsu racks are also compatible with pretty much any fly rod holder out there. Whether you opt for theĀ Yakima Doublehaul Fly Rod Carrier, Trestle CRC Fly Rod Carrier V3.0, Riversmith River Quiver, or something else, you’ll have no problem attaching it to a Prinsu rack using the 2×1 inch extruded aluminum crossbars.

Rack systems come with crossbars, which provide the strength and support needed to secure your cargo. Another area Prinsu shines is offering modular racks. What I mean by this is that the crossbars on the rack system can be positioned to best fit your needs. Everyone has different cargo and gear they transport, and sometimes, a permanent, non-modular rack system doesn’t provide the storage support you need. When you mount fly fishing gear, you may find that non-modular crossbars don’t provide you with the necessary adjustability, or other gear may get in the way and prevent you from being able to attach it securely.


No-Drill Installation

Even if you’re not someone who needs a lot of storage space when you hit the road, a roof rack is a safeguard from damaging your fly rods. If you don’t currently have a roof rack or haven’t previously installed one, you may wonder how difficult the installation process is. I won’t lie; some racks can be difficult to install for first-time users. Luckily, as the market’s progressed, many roof racks have become easier to install even if you have no prior experience.

Some roof racks require a drill installation. This means you’ll have to install the mounting holes yourself, which can be quite challenging even if you’re familiar with the process. The mounting holes need to be just right to secure the rack system. Fortunately, most Prinsu racks and racks from other progressive brands designed their roof racks to be secured directly to your vehicle’s factory mounting holes. This makes the process much easier to perform, and with the right guidance, even a newcomer with basic hand tools can perform it well.


Interior vs. Exterior Storage

Fly fishermen know that you can always disassembly your rod and reel and stow it away inside your vehicle. But, as we alluded to earlier, it can be a pain to do this every time you move from one spot to another. This is why an external rack system with a rod holder is a match made in heaven. I always recommend an external rack system, like a roof rack, because it’s versatile, durable, and keeps precious cargo out of your seating area.

Do you fish from a raft? Leave the trailer at home and secure the boat to the top of your Prinsu rack!

Prinsu Pro Rack with FlyCraft Boat

Prinsu Pro Rack with FlyCraft Boat


Do Roof Racks Increase Fuel Consumption?

It’s true adding a roof rack may increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption, but not by a noticeable amount in most cases. Depending on the type of rack system you install, and most importantly what you have mounted to that rack system, you may experienceĀ an increase of only a couple of mpg.

As I mentioned previously, a low-profile rack system is great not only for aesthetics but also for fuel consumption. Low-profile means less material used and less weight added to your vehicle. Prinsu racks are low profile, lightweight (most racks weight between 40 and 60 pounds total), and come with a wind deflector and noise reducing edge trim. When all these qualities are combined, you barely notice a difference in your gas mileage; there’s no reason you shouldn’t opt for a roof rack to store your flying rods.


There’s a Prinsu Rack Out There for You

I could talk all day about why Prinsu roof racks are superior, and I believe this article helps highlight why this rack system is essential, especially for anyone who enjoys fly fishing.

At this point, you may be wondering if Prinsu makes a rack system for your vehicle. Prinsu offers one of the most comprehensive and diverse selections of roof racks, so regardless of your vehicle, you’re likely to find a piece of equipment that’s compatible with your needs and at an affordable price.


Make Your Outdoor Adventures More Memorable

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and embarking on a solo fishing trip a few hours from home. But there’s a time when having a truck full of company only elevates your adventures. Keep your fly rods out of your vehicle and leave room for any passengers who are eager to go along for the ride.

Hit the road and rest assured that your fly rods are safe and easily accessible. A quality roof rack doesn’t stop at providing a safe place to store your rods. Whether you want to travel with a rooftop tent or awning, or even if a bottle opener attachment excites you, all of this is possible with a rack system.

Ryan Horton

Ryan Horton

Ryan is the founder of Truck Brigade and Bronco Brigade. His home base is in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and he is an avid adventurist and outdoorsman.