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April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse In New Hamsphire’s White Mountains


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On Monday April 8th, 2024, New Hampshire’s White Mountains will be one of the areas to experience a total solar eclipse. This represents a great opportunity to be in the White Mountains, enjoying the outdoors, and seeing an extremely rare event. Generally, total solar eclipses are visible every 400 years from any one place (source).


Need to know information:

  • Anywhere in the White Mountains will feature complete, or close to complete solar eclipse.
  • On April 8th, 2024, at 2:16 p.m. EDT, the moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, creating the conditions for a solar eclipse. Totality, when the sun is completely covered, will occur at 3:27 p.m. EDT, providing a captivating moment for everyone in the White Mountains region.
  • Looking at a solar eclipse without proper safety eyewear is unsafe.
  • Areas in Southern New Hampshire will still experience 95% solar blockage, making just about everywhere in the state a great option for viewing.
  • Northern Maine and Vermont will also experience full solar eclipses.


Solar Eclipse Map

April 2024 U.S. Solar Eclipse Map

April 2024 U.S. Solar Eclipse Map


Solar Eclipse Time Chart

Partial Begins
Totality Begins
Totality Ends
Partial Ends
Dallas, Texas
12:23 p.m. CDT
1:40 p.m. CDT
1:42 p.m. CDT
1:44 p.m. CDT
3:02 p.m. CDT
Idabel, Oklahoma
12:28 p.m. CDT
1:45 p.m. CDT
1:47 p.m. CDT
1:49 p.m. CDT
3:06 p.m. CDT
Little Rock, Arkansas
12:33 p.m. CDT
1:51 p.m. CDT
1:52 p.m. CDT
1:54 p.m. CDT
3:11 p.m. CDT
Poplar Bluff, Missouri
12:39 p.m. CDT
1:56 p.m. CDT
1:56 p.m. CDT
2:00 p.m. CDT
3:15 p.m. CDT
Paducah, Kentucky
12:42 p.m. CDT
2:00 p.m. CDT
2:01 p.m. CDT
2:02 p.m. CDT
3:18 p.m. CDT
Evansville, Indiana
12:45 p.m. CDT
2:02 p.m. CDT
2:04 p.m. CDT
2:05 p.m. CDT
3:20 p.m. CDT
Cleveland, Ohio
1:59 p.m. EDT
3:13 p.m. EDT
3:15 p.m. EDT
3:17 p.m. EDT
4:29 p.m. EDT
Erie, Pennsylvania
2:02 p.m. EDT
3:16 p.m. EDT
3:18 p.m. EDT
3:20 p.m. EDT
4:30 p.m. EDT
Buffalo, New York
2:04 p.m. EDT
3:18 p.m. EDT
3:20 p.m. EDT
3:22 p.m. EDT
4:32 p.m. EDT
Burlington, Vermont
2:14 p.m. EDT
3:26 p.m. EDT
3:27 p.m. EDT
3:29 p.m. EDT
4:37 p.m. EDT
Lancaster, New Hampshire
2:16 p.m. EDT
3:27 p.m. EDT
3:29 p.m. EDT
3:30 p.m. EDT
4:38 p.m. EDT
Caribou, Maine
2:22 p.m. EDT
3:32 p.m. EDT
3:33 p.m. EDT
3:34 p.m. EDT
4:40 p.m. EDT

Chart courtesy of NASA

Get ready for a unique celestial event as the White Mountains region becomes the prime spot to witness a solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. Nature is set to showcase a rare cosmic occurrence that promises an exciting experience for sky gazers and astronomy enthusiasts.


Prime Viewing Spots

The White Mountains region stands out as an ideal location to witness this phenomenon. With its scenic landscapes, it offers an unobstructed backdrop for the eclipse, making it an excellent viewing spot. We highly recommend checking out our hike picker to find the perfect summit to sit on for viewing.

Because of the time of the day, just about any location that looks fairly straight up into the sky will be a great option.

Short and family friendly hikes are great options for viewing. We therefore expect some of the White Mountains most popular spots will experience heavier than normal traffic for a Monday. See here for some recommended family friendly hikes in NH.

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Max DesMarais

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