This post is going to cover the best easy hikes in NH, whether you’re brand new to hiking, or have done them all, everyone can get enjoyment out of each and every one of these hikes. This list comprises of hikes that are great to bring the kids or other less outdoorsy family members on.

7. Champney Falls

Champney Falls is located just off of the Kanc, where it can be easily accessed at the Champney Falls Trailhead. Here you will experience large rock cliffs, gorgeous waterfalls, and stone steps up the side of the falls to more gorgeous pools. Whether you are taking the Champney Falls Trail up Mount Chocorua, or just checking out the falls, this is a must for waterfall lovers. Read more in our post: Champney Falls

Champney Falls

6. Lonesome Lake Hut

Enjoy camping, lakes and mountains? Lonesome Lake offers all of this, and some fishing too if your interested. Located just off of 93, Lafayette Campground is only a couple miles from Lonesome Lake and the Lonesome Lake AMC Hut. Lonesome Lake is on the way up the Kinsmans, which you can see about hiking both in our post: North and South Kinsman

Lonesome Lake

5. Ripley Falls

Ripley Falls is such a unique and beautiful waterfall in Crawford Notch. Hiking to the base of the falls is only .6 miles from the parking area, and you can even easily hike to the top of the falls (seen below). Interested? Check out our post on Ripley Falls

From the Top of Ripley Falls

From the Top of Ripley Falls

4. Mount Major

If you’re from New Hampshire, you’ve probably hiked mount major. It is flocked to by locals and out of staters on a daily basis, and for good reason. With minimal effort, you ascend to a rocky top with incredible views of Alton Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains to the north.

3. Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mountain is one of the few 4,000 foot tall mountains that borderlines the “easy” category. Though it is steep on all trails, you can ascend and descend the mountain in under 5 miles, making it far less challenging than many other 4,000 foot mountains. The platform at the top provides 360 degree views of Franconia Notch. Read More about Hiking Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mountain - Winter Hike

2. Arethusa Falls

Arethusa falls is one of New Hampshire’s biggest waterfalls at 140 feet tall. Only 2.6 miles round trip, and located in the beautiful Crawford Notch. This is a must do if you have a little spare time in the notch…or if you just finished the number 1 hike.

Read more about Arethusa Falls

Arethusa Falls, NH

Picture from Base of Arethusa Falls

1. Mount Willard

Mount Willard is probably the most rewarding hike/effort in New Hampshire. Only a 3.2 mile round trip, it offers a gradual climb that almost anyone can do. Located in Crawford Notch, it is a great spot for leaf peeping in the fall, but is gorgeous in all four seasons. If you would like a more detailed description, directions, pictures and nearby hikes, read our post: Mount Willard.

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Notable Mentions

Some other top hikes that didn’t quite make it on the list (click for complete trail guide):

Mount Roberts

Mount Avalon

Gunstock Mountain

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