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The Best Fly Fishing Brands: Gear, Rods, Clothing, & More


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When you’re shopping for fly fishing gear, you want to make sure that you’re getting high quality gear at the best possible price. Fly fishing can be an expensive hobby, and it makes no sense to buy gear that isn’t worth it. At the same time, sometimes inexpensive gear really is too good to be true, and you may be paying for equipment that quickly breaks down.

Thanks to the internet, pretty much every piece of gear has some kind of review– but if you’re casually shopping, you might not have time to look up every single type of fly line. Additionally, if you’re shopping on Amazon, there is a rampant problem with fake reviews for unknown brands.

Today, we’re going to talk about the best fly fishing brands. These brands are known for their attention to detail, high quality, and innovative product design. While the nature of product design means that not every product from each brand is going to be a surefire winner, you can shop confidently with these fly fishing companies.


Where to Shop for Fly Fishing Gear

Where should you go to buy the best fly fishing gear brands? The vast majority of companies sell their products online at their website, but if you want to shop in-person or at another online location, here are some of the best places to buy fly fishing gear.


Local Gear Shops

If you can get your fishing gear from a small business that’s dedicated to fly fishing, you will likely receive an incredible level of personal customer service, impeccable recommendations, and the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you are supporting the sport, a local business, and often a family, individual, or small group that owns that shop. Your local fly shop will likely carry many of these brands– and be willing to do special orders for you.


General Gear

When you think about general fly fishing gear and what you might need, there’s one brand that virtually every fly fisher thinks of first. The granddaddy of all fly fishing companies, you know them and love them: Orvis.



Orvis LogoFounded in 1856, the Orvis company’s first fly reel essentially created American fly fishing. Orvis’ design was the first modern fly reel, and they’ve been an innovative field leader for almost 170 years. They’ve been making their rods by hand in the same small town in Vermont where they started, and they continue to make innovative products to this day. Orvis manufactures and sells everything you need to go fly fishing. From rods and reels to waders and vests, Orvis’ vast catalog of fly fishing goods has everything you need to go fly fishing.

Website: https://www.orvis.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Everything you need– general gear, including fly rods, fly reels, fly line, flies and fly tying materials, and clothing.

What We Love: Huge variety of items, high quality, all rods made in the USA, attention to detail

Where To Buy:


Fly Fishing Rods and Reels

These companies all manufacture fly rods, fly reels, or both. We have discussed some of the best 3-weight4-weight, and 5-weight fly rods, as well as some of the best beginner rod and reel combos. Here’s our take on some of the best fly rod and reel brands.


Abel Reels

Abel Reels LogoSince 1980, Abel has been making top-quality gear. They have won more IGFA world records and industry design awards than any other fly tackle manufacturer.

Website: https://abelreels.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Reels and reel accessories

What We Love: Lifetime warranty, incredible craftsmanship, made in the USA

Where To Buy:


Echo Fly Fishing

Echo Fly Fishing LogoEcho Fly Fishing is a company of passionate fly enthusiasts making affordable, high quality fly fishing gear. We really like how beginner-friendly much of their gear is.

Website: https://echoflyfishing.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods and Reels

What We Love: Robust repair policy and capabilities, budget-friendly, good quality materials

Where To Buy:


Fenwick Fishing

Fenwick Fishing LogoNow owned by Pure Fishing, Fenwick was one of the first companies to make fiberglass fly rods. The brand is also known for its ice fishing equipment.

Website: https://www.purefishing.com/fenwick

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods, reels

What We Love: Impressive performance, durable, precise, lightweight

Where To Buy:


G. Loomis

G. Loomis LogoLoomis uses innovative manufacturing processes to create rods that are light, strong, and tough. Their current focus is on their proprietary graphite rods, constructed to be just as light as they are sensitive.

Website: https://www.gloomis.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods and reels

What We Love: Strong, responsive, consistent performance, lightweight

Where To Buy:



Moonshine Rod LogoMoonshine rods are simply beautiful pieces of equipment. But they aren’t just a pretty face; these rods are great for entry-level and expert fly fishers alike.

Website: https://www.moonshinerods.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods and reels

What We Love: Budget-friendly, stylish, high performance, several length and fishing style options

Where To Buy:



Nautilus Reels LogoNautilus’s reels are engineered for superior performance. Their huge arbor spools make line retrieval easy and lets your backing dry quickly.

Website: https://www.nautilusreels.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Reels

What We Love: High quality, thoughtful engineering, great performance, lots of sizes for different fishing needs

Where To Buy:



Redington LogoRedington is Far Bank’s beginner-friendly (and budget-friendly) fly fishing brand. Their rods and reels are an excellent value and offer a high level of performance at a competitive price.

Website: https://farbank.com/pages/redington

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods, reels, waders

What We Love: Budget-friendly, easy to find, several good rod and reel kits for easy shopping

Where To Buy:



Sage Fly Fishing LogoThink of Sage as Redington’s more advanced cousin. While owned by the same company, Sage offers a more sophisticated performance and increased versatility. Their graphite technology gives their rods a stiff, strong backbone with a highly sensitive, connected tip.

Website: https://farbank.com/pages/sage

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods and reels

What We Love: Versatile, durable, high performance, made in the USA

Where To Buy:


St. Croix

St. Croix Rod LogoSt. Croix’s rods are fast, versatile rods that are very responsive and easy to use. They are known for good quality and excellent customer service.

Website: https://stcroixrods.com/collections/fly

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods

What We Love: Budget-friendly, user-friendly, lightweight, durable, precise

Where To Buy:


Taylor Fly Fishing

Taylor Fly Fishing LogoTaylor Fly Fishing makes ultra-light rods and reels that offer great performance at a very reasonable price. They were one of the first companies to start working with graphene, and even their 5-weight rods are under 3 ounces.

Website: https://www.taylorflyfishing.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods and reels

What We Love: Ultra lightweight, cutting edge designs, budget-friendly, user-friendly

Where To Buy:

Trident Fly Fishing


Thomas and Thomas

Thomas & Thomas LogoThomas and Thomas fly rods are definitely a luxury, but one that’s absolutely worth it. Their feather-light bamboo rods are pieces of functional art, and their lightweight composite rods are truly exceptional.

Website: https://thomasandthomas.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rods

What We Love: Luxury experience, ultra lightweight, high performance, extremely responsive

Where To Buy:


Fly Line

These fly line brands stand out for their reliable lines. These brands also both make their own backing.



Rio Products LogoAnother Far Bank company, RIO Products is known for slick, easy-casting fly lines that offer great precision. Their lines are perfect for big flies and powerful, long-distance casts. RIO uses several different proprietary core materials to ensure that you always have the right line for different fishing conditions.

Website: https://farbank.com/pages/rio

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Fly line, flies and fly tying equipment, tackle storage

What We Love: Durable, precise

Where To Buy:


Scientific Anglers

scientific-anglers-logoScientific Anglers combines old-school sensibilities with cutting-edge materials science technology to produce some of the most amazing fly line, leader, and tippet on the planet. They invented the first modern plastic floating and sinking fly lines, as well as the microballoon technology used throughout the industry to keep lines afloat.

Website: https://www.scientificanglers.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Fly line and fly fishing tools

What We Love: Constant innovation, high quality, durable lines

Where To Buy:


Waders and Boots

Reliable waders and boots will keep you as warm and dry as possible. They’ll also help prevent you from slipping in the river or getting hooked in the leg, so make sure you buy a pair with the top safety features


Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs LogoFrogg Toggs has more than a dozen different fabric families to keep you dry in various applications. Their waders use Neoprene and several other advanced synthetic fabrics to keep water out.

Website: Frogg Toggs

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Waders, boots, and wading shoes

What We Love: Effective, high quality, lightweight

Where To Buy:



Grundens LogoFounded over 100 years ago in Sweden, Grundéns makes industrial-grade waders that will protect you from the roughest weather conditions. Their fly fishing waders feature a unique design based on climbing harnesses to reduce discomfort and add support, and they use a special titanium-impregnated fabric to reflect body heat to keep you warm.

Website: https://grundens.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Waders and Boots

What We Love: Extra-supportive design, high quality materials and construction, durable, company commitment to sustainability

Where To Buy:



patagonia-logoPatagonia is legendary for its leadership in the outdoor industry. They are known for their high safety and sustainability standards. Their fly fishing Foot Tractor boots use a metal bar for traction, ensuring that you aren’t going anywhere once you’ve taken your stance.

Website: https://www.patagonia.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Waders, boots, clothing

What We Love: Extra durable, comfortable, high tech fabrics, rugged designs

Where To Buy:



Simms LogoSimms is the only company in the US to have a license to use Gore-Tex in the production of its waders. Their waders are some of the most durable on the market, and they are known for the excellent water-tightness of their zippered waders.

Website: https://www.simmsfishing.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Waders and boots, packs and bags, nets

What We Love: Waterproofness, versatility, range of styles and sizes,

Where To Buy:



When we talk about fly fishing clothing, we’re including what you wear under your waders. There are lots of great fly fishing clothing brands out there, so we’re just featuring a few of the best. We recommend checking out our Best Outdoor Brands to find staple pieces and comfy apparel for fly fishing.

To choose the best fly fishing clothing, you must pay attention to both air temperature and water temperature. Even if you’re wearing waders, realistically you are going to get at least a little wet. Make sure that you’re wearing something like merino wool if the water is chilly, since that can still insulate you even when wet.



Columbia LogoPossibly most famous for their jackets, Columbia has been making sportswear and outdoors clothing since 1938. Their Performance Fishing Gear line is designed to keep you safe from the sun and comfortable out on the water.

Website: https://www.columbia.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Clothing

What We Love: Great UV protection, durable, designed specifically for fishing

Where To Buy:



REI Co-op logoREI’s own brand of clothing is a budget-friendly option that meets the quality of more expensive brands. Their base layers are a high-quality, highly insulating option

Website: https://www.rei.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Clothing

What We Love: Lots of merino wool options, budget-friendly, company commitment to sustainability,

Where To Buy:



The best fly fishing sunglasses are polarized and have durable, comfortable frames made from high quality materials.


Costa del Mar

Costa_Del_Mar_logoCosta del Mar makes high-quality fishing sunglasses suitable for any light conditions. They are highly durable and have venting that prevents them from fogging, which can be very useful on a hot day.

Website: https://www.costadelmar.com/en-us

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Sunglasses

What We Love: Prescription options available, durable lenses, great optics

Where To Buy:



Knockaround logoKnockaround makes great polarized sunglasses at a very affordable price– about $30-$35 for most designs. They’re designed to take a beating and they come in a huge variety of colors.

Website: https://knockaround.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Sunglasses

What We Love: Budget-friendly, durable, stylish

Where To Buy:



Redfin Sunglasses LogoRedfin focuses on making amazing fishing sunglasses for all types of water conditions. They even have special high-contrast options for shallow water fishers and fly fishing. We have reviewed the Redfin Amelia sunglasses and have truly enjoyed how durable and comfortable they are– and how well they stand up to strenuous conditions.

Website: https://redfinpolarized.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Sunglasses

What We Love: Lifetime warranty, crystal-clear Zeiss optics, durable, comfortable

Where To Buy:

Only available at Redfin’s website or a limited number of physical locations



When looking for a fly fishing net, you want a net with a durable handle and head that won’t break or collapse on you. Look for PVC-coated net fabric or rubber net fabric, which all of these companies offer; this type of netting is less likely to get stuck on your hook.


EGO Fishing

Ego Fishing LogoEGO Fishing makes many different types of nets, including landing nets and nets especially for trout fishing. They are known for nets with “Measure Net” technology, making it possible to measure your catch without having to handle it outside of the net– which can improve your catch and release survival rate substantially.

Website: https://www.egofishing.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Nets and tools

What We Love: Lightweight, durable, adaptable, lots of options

Where To Buy:



fishpond-logoFishpond is a Colorado company that makes superb nets and is deeply committed to protecting America’s rivers. They use almost entirely recycled materials for their fabrics and fly boxes, and make their products in Colorado– meaning greatly reduced emissions from shipping, since they don’t need to be shipped overseas.

Website: https://fishpondusa.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Nets, fly storage

What We Love: High quality, commitment to sustainability, innovative designs, durable nets

Where To Buy:



Logo O'prosO’Pros (short for “Outdoor Professionals”) specializes in high-performance landing nets. Their innovative design uses the grip end of hockey sticks for a net that’s easy to use, lightweight, and extremely durable. We have reviewed the O’Pros Landing Net and found it to be the most durable landing net on the market.

Website: https://oprosgear.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Nets, tools, and rod holders

What We Love: Lifetime warranty, innovative designs, customizable handle lengths, thoughtful design choices (we love the ruler on the handle for measuring fish!)

Where To Buy:


Rod Carriers

Rod carriers are mounted to the roof of your car and let you transport your fly rods from place to place. We have a complete guide to the best roof racks and rod carriers, but for quick reference here are some of the best fly fishing rod carrier brands.



RiverSmith LogoRiversmith makes the most popular (and in our opinion, the best) fly rod rooftop carrier. They have 2-rod and 4-rod options that work with almost any crossbars.

Website: https://riversmith.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rod carriers

What We Love: Versatile, easy to use, lightweight, streamlined (our River Quiver only impacts our gas mileage by about 1-2 mpg)

Where To Buy:



Thule_logoThule’s crossbars and cartop storage are well-known for their design and user-friendliness. Their rod carrier is made from lightweight aluminum and lets you lock the carrier directly to the vehicle for extra security while traveling.

Website: https://www.thule.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rod carriers

What We Love: Durable, secure, lightweight

Where To Buy:



yakima-logoLike Thule, Yakima is a respected manufacturer of cartop storage of all kinds. Their DoubleHaul system is extremely versatile and adaptable for many kinds of vehicles. It’s heavy, wonderfully secure, and designed to get you on the water fast.

Website: https://explore.yakima.com/

Fly Fishing Gear Category: Rod carriers

What We Love: Ease of use, versatile, secure

Where To Buy:



Other Fly Fishing Retailers


Fly Fishing Media

So now that you know about some of the best fly fishing brands, where can you go to find more information? Here are some of the best fly fishing resources online.


Hiking and Fishing

Would it surprise you to know that you can learn a ton about fly fishing right here on Hiking and Fishing? We love fly fishing, and we want to help you get out there with the best gear. We have articles that can help you choose the right equipment and learn about important concepts like entomology and matching the hatch. Our goal is to be as clear and user-friendly as possible, so that everybody from beginners to experts can learn something new.


Flylords Mag

Flylords is an online magazine for fly fishing enthusiasts. With interviews, gear reviews, conservation information, media reviews, and more, Flylords aims to connect and inspire the global fly fishing community. They also feature gorgeous photography and videography, especially in their travel sections.


The Catch and The Hatch

The Catch and The Hatch offers subscription and paid fly fishing courses as well as free guides to fly fishing techniques. You can learn a great deal, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, and you can customize your course packages to help you learn exactly what you need.

What are your favorite fly fishing brands? Did they make our list? Check out our other fly fishing resources and fishing tips for more information about the best fly fishing brands, products, gear, and other important fly fishing information!

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