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Stance Socks Review: Tested For Adventure


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Our team, and I personally, have tried on hundreds of different brands and types of socks. We’ve used them for trail running, hiking, fishing trips, resort skiing, ski touring, and loads of other activities. In this article, we take the time to review Stance Socks, to see how they hold up with different types of activity.

We also wanted to callout that after testing dozens of sock brands, Stance has made our list of the best hiking socks.


Importance Of Quality Socks

Stance Hiking SocksIf you want to take your athletic performance or your next hiking or camping trip to the next level, then it’s crucial to be prepared ahead of time. Preparing for a workout or outdoor activity should start with high-quality gear, like comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing, supportive shoes, proper accessories, and of course, a great pair of socks!

Why are socks so important when you’re exercising? Without a proper base layer, your feet can become injured more easily, such as with blisters or abrasions. Good socks that fit well protect against this, keep your feet warm and dry and provide overall support and comfort for your activities.

Stance places a big emphasis on comfort, as well as functionality, making them ideal for hiking and camping. Recently, we tested out both their performance crew socks, as well as their performance wool hiking socks to test their claims and reputation for ourselves. Keep reading to find out more about Stance and their mission, the different hiking and exercise socks they make, and all of the things that we love about them!


More About Stance Socks

Since 2009, Stance has been thoughtfully crafting socks that are both innovative and artistic. Their goal is to produce creative, comfortable socks that provide a high level of support while looking great.


Stance Performance Crew Socks

Available in a wide range of colors to suit any preference, these performance socks are perfect for everyday use, as well as running and other athletic activities. They are designed with Stance’s trademarked Tek™ odor control, as well as reinforced ultra-tough Infiknit™. Other features include:

  • Channeled air cushioning
  • Seamless toe closure
  • Performance arch support
  • Performance mesh

You can find these, and other Stance socks on:

Stance Website


Stance Performance Wool Hiking Socks

Stance also makes incredible hiking socks! Their wool hiking socks also feature Stance’s Infiknit™ fabric, as well as Feel360™ technology to create the ultimate comfortable hiking experience. They come with a reinforced heel and toe and are woven with infused twisted yarns with antimicrobial, moisture-wicking capabilities. Other features include:

  • Crew height
  • Merino wool blend
  • Performance cushioning
  • Boot protection
  • Seamless toe closure

You can find these, and other Stance socks on:

Stance Website


What We Like About Stance Socks

As you can see, Stance offers great options for both hiking and athletic performance. With all of the buzz around them, we opted to try these socks out for ourselves! Here’s what we noticed below:


They’re Super Comfortable

When it comes to comfort, Stance has got it made. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of comfortable and supportive socks for outdoor activities like hiking or running. Stance socks are created with comfortable materials like wool that breathe and offer support. A seamless toe design also helps prevent blisters and ensures a good fit, aiding your athletic performance.

Comfort = 4.5 / 5 stars


They’re Made With Great, Durable Materials

Another thing that’s wonderful about Stance’s socks is the materials that are used. These socks are made with great, durable materials that hold up over time, thanks to their reinforced fabric and design. These materials not only add comfort, but help ensure the longevity of your socks, as well as an enhanced experience overall. Most of their products are merino wool and synthetic blends that create soft, no itch, durable, and moisture wicking socks.

I have worn these socks many times for backcountry skiing and trail running, probably the two harshest ways to use socks, and they are holding up without any signs of wear and tear. Most thinner socks I would have already seen some thinning, indicating, these are performing quite well.

Durability = 5 / 5 stars


Left and Right Socks Create the Extra Perfect Fit

Stance left and right socks

Fortunately, Stance makes it really easy to see which sock goes on which foot.

Stance socks also come with both left and right socks, helping to create the extra perfect fit. These kinds of socks that come with both left and right are also sometimes called asymmetrical fit socks. They tend to provide a higher level of comfort than socks that are not asymmetrically fitted, because of their cut, switching, and overall support. Having a specified left and right sock also helps to prevent uneven wear or stretching, thus preserving your fit long term.


Merino Wool Blend

Their merino wool blend offers great breathability, comfort, and moisture wicking capabilities

If you’re an experienced hiker, outdoor lover, or athlete, then you already likely know how crucial it is to have fabric that breathes and wicks moisture. Merino wool excels at providing breathability and protecting against the build-up of excessive moisture. This particular wool differs from other kinds of wool in that the fibers are smaller, lightweight, and overall more flexible. This helps prevent itchiness and creates a solid base layer that keeps your feet warm and dry, even in tough weather.

Another great thing about wool is that even when it gets damp, it still is able to retain warmth unlike other fabrics such as cotton, which can get cold and wet quite easily. This makes wool especially ideal for activities like hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking, where you may be outside for multiple days or exposed to seasonal weather like snow.


Wool is Wonderful for Reducing Smell

Besides helping keep your skin dry by wicking moisture, wool is also a great fabric for reducing smell. This is due to the texture and overall composition of wool, which is extremely breathable and absorbent. The structure of Merino wool helps absorb the moisture and keep it away from the bacteria that cause odors by holding it inside the fabric. This helps your socks feel and stay dry, even when you’re sweating or conditions are wet.


They Don’t Slide Down the Leg During Activities

Besides breathability and odor-control, it’s also extremely important to have a sock that fits your feet well. Having socks that slide around, bunch up, or otherwise fit improperly can lead to discomfort and injuries such as chafing and blisters. Stance’s socks are designed in a classic crew fit (reaching the mid-point of the lower leg), which helps prevent the socks from sliding.


There’s Lots of Reinforcement for Better Durability

Another thing that I loved about these socks is how much reinforcement they offered for boots and shoes! Stance’s socks are designed with reinforced heels and tough fabric that holds up, even during times of extreme performance. Their durable design means they’ll last for years to come, making them a great investment for your next outdoor adventure!


Their Design Means Minimal Friction and Rubbing

A well-crafted sock design is just as important as the materials used to make it. Stance socks are created to minimize friction and discomfort. Their design helps create minimal friction and prevent areas that can rub up against shoes and hiking boots and create blisters. Stance socks pair well with almost any shoe or boot, thanks to their versatile designs.


They Have a Great Look and Sock Designs

Stance Socks in trail running shoes

Stance Socks in trail running shoes

Last but not certainly not least, these socks are just plain stylish. Stance’s attention to detail and creative designs reflect their partnerships with the artists and other visionaries who helped create and inspire Stance’s iconic brand. Not only are they functional and long-lasting, but they also look great. With a copious array of styles, colors, and patterns, you’ll be ready to take on the day no matter what it holds.


Our Review

The bottom line? Stance socks are the real deal. Whether you love hiking, fishing, running, or are simply looking for a better sock to support your everyday activities, their stylish and rugged designs have got you covered.

Stance socks are:

  • Comfortable and made with high-quality materials like Merino wool to keep your feet odor-free and dry
  • Carefully and asymmetrically tailored to fit your feet perfectly and prevent sliding and blisters
  • Available in a huge range of sizes, styles, and colors


Durability: 5 / 5
Comfort: 4.5 / 5
Looks: 5 / 5
Value: 4 / 5

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

Max DesMarais

Max DesMarais

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