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Hiking Kolob Arch | La Verkin Creek & Hop Valley Trail | Zion National Park


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Kolob Arch is known as the 6th largest arch in the world at with a span of about 287 feet. It is located in the northwestern portion of Zion National Park and is hiked frequently as a day hike, or an overnight hike. There are 13 campsites that can hold between 4-12 people. There are two common ways to hike to the Arch, each of them are discussed below.

Distance: 14 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

Duration: 5-9 hours

LaVerkin Creek Trail

Picture from the La Verkin Creek trailhead parking area. (You can see La Verkin Creek Trail along the small ridge)

La Verkin Creek Trail

The La Verkin Creek Trail is a 14 mile round trip trail to Kolob Arch beginning at Lee Pass off of E Kolob Canyon road in the northwestern portion of Zion National Park. This trail features smooth walking with a well traveled trail that meets up with La Verkin creek. From the very beginning of the hike, you see incredible views of the surrounding mountains and red rock cliffs. Where the trail meets La Verkin creek, hikers will find a gorgeous waterfall and pool of water for a dip.

Hop Valley Trail

The Hop Valley Trail is a 14 mile round trip trail to Kolob Arch, located of of Kolob Terrace road. This trail starts at a high elevation around 1,000 feet above the viewpoint to Kolob Arch, making the trek back more difficult. Hikers will begin by hiking in open territory with gorgeous views of incredible rock formations in all directions. The path is very well used, and easy to follow. Both paths to the arch are great options and easy to follow.

Kolob Arch Trail

Both Trails converge at the start of the Kolob Arch Trail, which is a very cool .5 miles out and back trail (1 mile total) to the viewpoint of Kolob Arch. At the end of the trail, you will see the arch through the tall trees surrounding the trail. At the end of the trail, there is a slightly warn path leading up to a rock formation that, with a quick climb, leaves perfectly clear views of the arch.


There are 12 campsites along the La Verkin Creek Trial indicated on the map. Some are as close as .5 miles to Kolob Arch, while others are much closer to the La Verkin Creek Trailhead.

All of the campsites have quite a bit of space for tents and are well used. Water isn’t near all campsites so pack accordingly. All water collected should be filtered.

Hikers must book campsites ahead of time. Booking campsites is done at the Zion Wilderness Deck, or at the Kolob Visitors Center. When booking, you will be able to pick from the remaining available campsites.

Camping Fees:

$15.00 – 1-2 people
$20.00 – 3-7 people
$25.00 – 8-12 people

Trail Map

Hop Valley Trail

Kolob Arch Trail Map - Hop Valley & La Verkin Creek

La Verkin Creek Trail Map

Kolob Arch Trail Map


To Lee Pass Trailhead (LaVerkin Creek Trail)

To Hop Valley Trailhead


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Additional Pictures

LaVerkin Creek Hiking Kolob Arch - Zion Kolob Arch

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