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Mount Willey is located in Crawford Notch, and is often hiked in combination with Mount Tom and Mount Field. The steep trail, allows hikers to ascend quickly to the top of the Notch, and look north towards Webster Cliff, Mount Jackson and Mount Washington. In under 9 miles, hikers can summit three NH 4000 footers from the Avalon Trailhead.


Height: 4,285 feet (1306.07 meters)
Distance:  5.4 miles (8.69 km)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation Gain: 2,828 feet (861.97 meters)
Hike Time: 2-4 hours


Trails (Directions to each trailhead are below)

There are three main options for summiting Mount Willey, all three of which are great routes to combine Mount Field (and often mount Tom) into your day hike.


Avalon Trail

This trail begins by the railroad station in Crawford Notch. The shortest route to the summit of Willey from this trail will be 3.7 to the summit over Mount Field (4,340 feet). You can also choose to include Mount Tom (4,051 feet), which will make the trip to the summit 4.4 miles. A common loop will be a total of 8.1 miles to summit all three 4,000 footers. This is the most common trail to summit all 3 peaks due to the higher starting elevation.


Kedron Flume Trail

The Kedron Flume Trail parking area is located at the Willey House in Crawford Notch. This is a 5.4 mile round trip hike (8.4 with Tom & Field). This trail is strenuous and steep, but relatively quick to the summit.


Ethan Pond Trail

The Ethan Pond Trail parking is located at the Willey House Station site a short distance away from Willey House. This trail is also 5.4 miles round trip (8.4 with Tom & Field). Both Kedron Flume and Ethan pond feature the same second half (steep half) of the hike.


Trail Map

Mount Willey Trail Map



To Avalon Trailhead

To Kedron Flume Trailhead (Willey House)

To Ethan Pond Trailhead


Nearby Hikes

Crawford Notch has some incredible hikes, some nearby trailheads allow you to summit Mount Crawford, Mount Willard, Arethusa and Ripley Falls, and Mount Jackson.


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Views from Mount Willey

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